Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Five reasons your family will love Poipu Beach Park on Kauai

Poipu Beach has more to offer than just surf sand for families with kids. In fact Poipu Beach offers a number of activities that will keep children busy all day long.

1.) The beach itself is especially designed for families with infants and toddlers. On the East side of the park is a great wading area that is ankle deep on a low tide and waist deep at high tide. The wading pond is protected from waves by the strategic placement of rocks, which keep the pond calm. Bring a bucket and shovel and you can build castles or just let the kids frolic in the water.

2.) When the little ones tire from playing in the sand, there is a large grassy area with a playground. The playground has several slides, a playhouse and monkey bars, which are sure to please. Several benches surround the area so parents can relax while watching the kids.

3.) Once your kids have worked up an appetite from all the playing, you can run across the street to the conveniently located Brennecke’s Deli. Pick up a sandwich and chips, or maybe a shave ice and then pick out a shaded pavilion to sit down and eat on the picnic benches.

4.) After lunch, you can take the little ones to watch wildlife. Nearly all summer, endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals haul themselves out on the beach for a nap. Monk Seals are only found in Hawaii, so seeing them is a unique opportunity. The lifeguards will place stakes and yellow ribbon around the seals for safety. The monk seals are protected and it is therefore unlawful to harass them, but be sure to bring a camera, as they are quite photogenic. You can learn more about Hawaiian Monk Seals on the posted placards in the park.

Then you can take a stroll over to Brennecke’s Beach, which is just to the east (left facing the ocean) of the grassy area. If you stand at the edge of the grass where it meets the rocks and look just off shore, you are sure to see a number of turtles feeding in the surf. Look for their heads to pop up every few minutes. If you are lucky, you may see a turtle over by the lifeguard stand near the wading pool. Turtles are also protected, so please watch from a distance.

5.) Older kids and parents can enjoy snorkeling or body boarding in this area as well. Ask the lifeguards for the best location to snorkel or surf and don’t forget to ask about safety precautions and surf conditions. Just to the west (to the right, facing the ocean) of the “island” is a great place to see lots of fish. Wrasses are prevalent here, a very colorful group that is sure to please.

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