Monday, August 12, 2013

Kauai Author Wins 2013 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award for her Latest Book about Ocean Animals

Lucid Publishing is pleased to announce that their latest title, Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii by Kauai author Monika Mira, has been awarded the Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award for 2013. Creative Child Magazine is a national publication that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their children’s creativity. The annual award winners are selected after a rigorous review by a panel of parents, educators, and professionals.

This is not the first award that Lucid Publishing and Kauai author, Monika Mira has received. Mira’s books have been recognized for their educational content, creativity, and environmental awareness. Her first book, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book has won numerous awards and is used as a supplementary textbook in classrooms across the country.

About the book:
Who lives in the sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii is a repetitive rhyming story about ocean animals that encourages early reading skills and answers the burning questions that the inquisitive minds of young children tend to ask about the world around them. This book includes children's favorite ocean animals like whales, dolphins, sharks, and starfish, but also introduces some more unusual species like the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, which is only seen in Hawaii. This book is written for children ages 2-6.

Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii has also just been released in ebook format for the Amazon Kindle. Who Lives in the Sea? and the rest of Mira’s books including her Science and Nature for Young Readers series are all available on Amazon.

A full color spread from the Kindle version of Who Lives in the Sea?

About Lucid Publishing:
Lucid Publishing is a small, local publishing house dedicated to producing high-quality, artistic, and educational publications with a Hawaiian flair. Their mission is to provide creative books and products that inspire children and adults of all ages to learn more about the world in which they live. They believe that promoting awareness and inspiring creativity can lead to appreciation and appreciation can lead to making a difference. Lucid Publishing aims to provide their customers with products and resources that inspire people to take better care of the land and seas and make them more sustainable for future generations. Lucid Publishing supports local organizations that promote conservation and share these same ideals.
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

North Shore Travel Advisory Summer 2013

Very few fish can be seen on the algae-covered reef at Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach has been touted as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Kauai and twenty years ago, it was! It is still really beautiful, but this location is also ecologically fragile. Kauai is visited by one million people annually, and lately, it seems like all of those folks have been visiting the beach at Ke'e.

Many people come to Ke'e to snorkel. While the water is clear and the lagoon is fairly protected, the reef has been covered with algae and the fish populations have diminished. Despite the efforts of many tourism groups, visitors are not practicing reef etiquette and the lifeguards spend more time trying to save the reef than saving lives (they do a darn good job of that too). The beach here has also suffered from erosion and if you visit, you are likely to notice the exposed tree roots.

Visiting Ke'e, especially during the summer months, can also be frustrating. There is limited parking, and you may have to park about 1/4 mile away and walk in. That is, if you are lucky enough to find a parking spot at all. There are only a couple of restroom stalls, so folks that have been driving all morning may have to wait in a long line to use the restroom.

We keep hearing visitors comment that "they" should build more restrooms and put in more parking, BUT, a more likely scenario is that traffic will be limited here.

If you are traveling with your family this summer, we advise you to steer clear of Ke'e. The snorkeling is not that good, the travel distance is far, and the environment is fragile. Instead, visit Haena Beach Park just down the road and you can do some snorkeling at Tunnels where you will see way more fish.

We always advise you to check in with the lifeguards and practice reef etiquette, because all of the reef is delicate here and the sheer number of visitors is beginning to have an impact. However, you are sure to enjoy the beauty of the beach at Tunnels. Besides the amazing marine life that lies beneath, the mountain views are second to none. As always,we are sure you will enjoy your family vacation here on the Garden Isle.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Enter to win Kauai Children's Book

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii by Monika Mira

Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii

by Monika Mira

Giveaway ends March 14, 2013.

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