Tuesday, August 9, 2011

East Side Bike Ride

If you live on Kauai, you have no doubt heard the catchy jingle, “Take the Leap” by local artist Michael Ruff. The jingle encourages folks to get out, get active and stay healthy and I just can’t get it out of my head. “East Side, take a little bike ride, West Side drop a little fishin’ line, so many things that you can do underneath the rainbow.” So true! What a great theme for Kauai!

So today I packed up the car with my son’s bike and headed over to the East Side to take a little bike ride. But first, I had to stop in over at the Kapaa Beach Shop next to Otsukas to rent a bike for myself. Mike and Janie are friendly and helpful, their shop sits nearly right on the bike path, and the bike rental rates are reasonable. They also rent boogie boards, beach gear and dive equipment, which is convenient.

Check out the photos above. I think you might agree with me when I say, the Kauai Path has got to be one of the most beautiful bike paths in the world! We like to go slow and make frequent stops to check out the beaches, enjoy the vistas, have a little snack in the shade pavilions, and maybe even hunt for driftwood. I love to see that both visitors and locals are making good use of it, running, walking and of course, biking. I enjoy it every time I go. And with that song constantly playing on the radio, I now have the motivation.

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